Digital infotainment, affordable for any tennis / padel club

Tennis Cast is a family of modern LED scoreboards, able to display:

  • point-by-point for competitions
  • game-by-game for casual play
  • integrable via open API with any scoring or tournament system
  • Player names along with club logos or flags
  • Match time, warm-up duration, etc.
  • Current statistics (aces, winners, double faults, etc.)
  • Advertising and sponsor information
  • Clock, weather, arbitrary text announcements
  • Greet players when they come on a court
  • Integrable via open API with any booking or back-office system
  • Scoreboards can easily be installed on a court or in a clubhouse.
  • Broadcast the latest score and advanced match statistics live as a web ticker or video stream.
  • Publish results to social media or any tournament or club system via API.

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About us

Tennis Cast is a product by SUPREMATIC Technology Arts GmbH - an IT consultancy from Stuttgart, Germany.

Our mission is to make digital pro tennis and padel tools available for everyone. We believe that amateur sport must also benefit from modern digital solutions, and we support tennis and padel culture in the new digital times.